Health Fair

Tune-Up for Life Community Health Fair

Live Smarter, Live Healthier

Excitement is building for the 8th Annual Tune Up for Life Community Healthy Fair at the YMCA! We invite YOU to be our special guest.

January 7, 2017
Columbus Wellness Center/YMCA

Open to the Public FREE Health Screening:

Bone Mineral Density Screening
Peripheral Artery Disease Screening
Pulmonary Screening
Blood Pressure Screening
Cardiovascular Fitness Screening
Body Composition Screening
Vision Screening
Hearing Screening
Balance Screening

Discounted Health Screening – there will be a cost to these:

Extensive Wellness Laboratory Profile
Prostate Specific Antigen Laboratory
Colo Rectal Cancer Screening
The Nebraska Kidney Association will be available for a FREE Health Screening.

Sponsored by Columbus Community Hospital, The Columbus Telegram, Time Warner Cable, Three Eagle Communications

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