Club 100

All members who successfully complete 100 miles in either swimming, running, or walking will have their name placed on the YMCA plaque at the Annual Board Meeting in January.
Fee $5.00

Equipment Orientation and Fitness Assessment

Every new member receives an Equipment or Class Orientation and Fitness Assessment for FREE when they join the Columbus Family YMCA. If you have been a member for a while and you have some questions, we can help you too! Please sign up for your appointment when you join, or stop by the Wellness Desk anytime to get scheduled. Please note these are not personal training sessions. Fitness Assessments:

1. 3-min Step Test – Cardiovascular test
2. Sit and Reach – Flexibility test
3. Bench Press – Strength test
4. Abdominal Crunch – Abdominal Strength
5. Body Fat Percentage – Body Composition

Insanity Bootcamp

Train with Certified trainer, Michelle McMullin Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45am

Fee: Members $20 Non Members $40

Kettlebell Class

Train like an athlete and learn how effective functional fitness training is for continued healthy mobility. Program will include 2 workouts a week, individual coach help on technique and form.



Launches are free for non-members to try classes. The Y will waive the $45 joiner fee if you purchase a membership during Launch Weekend using your coupon you obtain by attending a launch class. This is a weekend of short fitness classes, new moves, new music, and fun giveaways.


Personal Training

This is a program for the individual looking for a one on one workout with a qualified trainer. The workout is geared toward the participant’s goals. $25.00 for 1 hour session

$90.00 for 4 one hour sessions
$180.00 for 8 one hour sessions

$15.00 for 1 half-hour session
$50.00 for 4 half-hour sessions
$100.00 for 8 half-hour sessions

&50 for for 1 hour Non-Member Session

Shape Up Columbus

An individualized program designed for the individual who wants to lose weight with the help of a personal trainer. A weekly exercise plan, a nutritional assessment, and motivational tips are given each month. Details of the program are geared toward each individual.

Monthly fee: $45

Tai Chi

12 week Program – 2 classes per week

Y-Lose It Program

Join the revolution of our 1st Y-Lose It program! This will be an AMAZING 8 week health and fitness journey for you! You will be on a team with up to six team members interested in making a change in their wellness habits. You get access to a wellness coach, you train, exercise and learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime along with your team. You can make your own team, or make some new friends by having the Y assign you to a team. MyFitnessPal will be used by you and your Wellness Coach throughout the challenge to log your food. Each team will work out together 2 days every week for 8 weeks of the Challenge. Your Wellness Coach will conduct weekly weighins. Matching athletic-blend shirts will be given to each team. Group that loses biggest percentage of body fat Wins $50 each plus some Y coupons!

Cost: Member $80 Non Member $160

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